Course & Workshops

“I don’t have a creative bone in my body” is never true!

I remember the first time I cut a piece of glass – I was so excited and absolutely hooked! Come see if the same is true for you. I offer individual or small group instruction in my Newburyport studio, teaching basic to advanced techniques. All tools and supplies are provided, however, students are always encouraged to bring meaning items of personal significance to incorporate into their work. Custom workshops or art parties for all ages can be arranged!

Course selections include:

  • An Introduction to Mosaic Art Making
  • Mosaic Mirror or Mandala
  • Garden Art
  • Jeweled Ornaments
  • Pet Portraiture

December 2023

Holiday Workshop

Create a Jeweled Ornament or an Anytime Tree!

The holiday season is a popular time of year to make keepsake ornaments or these little trees, which I call Anytime Trees because they can be proudly displayed all year! They may have a theme, a scene, include personal items of meaning, or just be loaded with shiny glass and bling! Bring your heirlooms or special baubles to include – a great option for customizing special gifts.

How is it made? A special adhesive is used to cover a foam substrate with glass, genuine gemstones, mirror, beads, etc. Grouting and finishing touches take place in a second session.


February 2024

Galentine Workshop

Create a Mosaic Heart or 3D Floral Bouquet!

Open your heart and fall in love with mosaics! This time of year we make Hearts that are approximately 8 inches, can be a wall piece or hang, and can be completed in one class. Your edges will be mosaicked as well so your piece of art is gorgeous at every angle. These mosaics make a wonderful gift for someone else of yourself! Being creative is a great way to express self-love.

How is it made? Making a 3D Floral Mosaic is a super fun project using a huge assortment of baubles as your flowers. First, you’ll complete and grout your background and ‘vase’. Then you’ll use a different adhesive to create the arrangement. If you have jewelry or China that you love but don’t use, incorporating it into your mosaic is another way to enjoy it. Your 5×7 bouquet can be done in or without a frame and either way, it will never wilt!